Plastic Surgery Thailand Is it really a good option?

Published: 19th December 2011
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Plastic surgery is so common today that it seems to be as simple as getting a good haircut. Breast argumentation, eye, nose, lip argumentation, liposuction and tummy tucks are all procedures undertaken every day. With something so simple many people are now seeking off-shore treatment at much lower costs. The term for this is "medical tourism" and it's a fast growing market segment. Bangkok Thailand is one such destination, hailed as the plastic surgery capitol of Asia. Thailand built its reputation on the most unlikely type of procedures, yet the procedures in question are amongst the most sophisticated. Yes we are talking about gender-reassignment.
Thailand has long been known as a country with liberal attitudes towards the "third" gender. Having lived many years in Bangkok I have seen with my own eyes that gender choice is simply not an issue amongst most Thais. More important is how you interact with society, how good a person you are. So with this being the underlying social environment it's no wonder that Thailand became a pioneer in many gender-realignment procedures.

Due To The High Demand
for this sophisticated end of plastic surgery options this in fact had many ramifications. Surgeons became highly skilled in their art and in their science. The latest medical equipment was introduced and the revenues from this type of surgery helped build many substantial specialized hospitals and clinics. These establishments started to offer other forms of plastic surgery Thailand , the demand for more plastic surgeons became an issue and with demand and higher rewards medical students quickly embraced this career choice. Most trained both in Thailand and overseas, the United States and the United Kingdom being the most popular training destinations. They returned with highly sort after specialist degrees and the experience in working with sophisticated medical equipment. The plastic surgery in Thailand boomed.

Important To The Thai
plastic surgery industry was government support which was forthcoming in spades. This along with the Thai's natural embracing of international standards for recognition, perhaps acknowledging potential customer's apprehension of going overseas for surgery has ensured a vibrant highly regarded industry that is considered a prime destination for medical tourism in Asia.
Following is a typical example of a leading cosmetic surgery establishment in Thailand. Naravee Aesthetic Center which was founded in 1985 in Khon Khaen province, home to Khon Kaen University faculty of medicine, the leading medical school in Northeast Thailand that is one of the most frequently chosen schools by foreign medical electives coming to Thailand has since moved to Bangkok to keep up with the demand of medical tourism. The clinic boasts cutting edge equipment and procedural methods. Chief Surgeon, Dr. Ronachai Komthong M.D. was trained in Thailand, the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore with a host of degrees, certifications and publications under his belt he is a leading example of the high degree of training and experience one can expect here in Thailand. Add to this that they have recently built and fitted out a new wing with the very latest in equipment and a team of highly trained staff, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you are in good and capable hands.

Then there is the bonus. Whilst undergoing recovery you can relax at one of the many exotic beaches, get yourself some great shopping bargains at some of the biggest and most famous shopping centers in Asia, all for a cost that inclusive of the air travel, accommodation and surgery is often less that going to a local facility. So let's answer our question. Is Thailand a good option for plastic surgery Thailand . The answer is if you select a good establishment, emphatically yes it is.

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